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Who is Inner City Evangelism?

Inner City Evangelism (ICE for short) is a 501(c)3 non-profit ministry dedicated to sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ. We are a 100% volunteer supported organization. No one receives any type of monetary compensation and serve only for the joy of Christ. We do not have a building or overhead costs (except for liability insurance) so all funds are used directly in support of teaching, sharing and disciplining.

What does ICE do?

ICE works primarily in the local Montgomery Housing communities. This allows us to go into these communities and share and serve where the community lives. Our greatest desire is to develop relationships through a consistent and loving presence on a weekly basis and this is accomplished through the Family Bible studies and Saturday community outreaches.


ICE volunteers lead five (5) weekly Bible studies. The night-time Bible studies are designed for the whole family with the adults, children (age 9 and under) and superstars (age 10 – 17) meeting in separate rooms with studies designed specifically for that group. The daytime Bible studies are for adults as the facilities are not geared for a family-style Bible study either by the nature of the community (for older adults) or facility constraints. Bible studies meet year round and only break for the Christmas holidays.


At least once a month, ICE volunteers gather in a designated community and hold a community cookout with Bible bingo for adults and games and activities with a Bible message for the children. ICE has a trailer that contains an industrial gas grill and tables and chairs that allow us to setup right in the heart of the community. Volunteers arrive at 10:30 am to setup and help with the various activities and food preparation and service. Outreaches are a great time of fellowship, food and faith sharing and only requires volunteers with hearts for Christ and love for all His people.


At Thanksgiving: Sponsors families provide all the fixins’ for a full Thanksgiving meal UNCOOKED then deliver these items to an assigned family in one of the housing communities.

Held during the summer in at least one housing community. Super fun!